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View of the Parroquia from Aldama street

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San Miguel de Allende

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Created to help take the risk out of buying and selling Real Estate in Mexico

For Buyers our mission is to help take the risk out of buying real estate in Mexico. We pay from our commission up to $5,000 USD for superior legal representation to protect your interests. Starting from the time you make an initial offer through the closing of the sale; in doing so we provide important, better service without any additional cost to you.

KIMMEL REALTY GROUP was created by Jeff Kimmel after working in the real estate business in San Miguel de Allende since 2017 as a licensed Guanajuato agent. Jeff has been a California lawyer since 1980 and was licensed as a California Real Estate Broker from 1987 to 1991. In 2017, Jeff became a partner in the Mexican law firm, Portilla, Ruy-Diaz y Aguilar ( PRA has offices in Mexico City, Queretaro and Los Cabos and is recognized as a leading firm in Mexico, offering comprehensive legal services, and superior ethics. Jeff has lived, studied, worked, and traveled in Mexico since 1972. 

Kimmel Realty Group is known for unmatched integrity, a history of success in business, and for its agents’ in-depth understanding of the legal and cultural differences that face clients buying and selling real estate in San Miguel de Allende. 

Kimmel Realty Group was launched to build on this reputation and unique knowledge for the good of our clients.

Meet Our Agents


Jeff Kimmel
MX +52 (415) 151-1318
USA +1 (415) 433-4330


Elisa Streidl

USA +1 (214) 755-5793


Megan Kimmel Martin
MX +52 (415) 167-4577


Sarah Allen

USA +1 (312) 415-0251


Angela Higley

MX +52 (415) 167-8916

Word on the Street

"Jeff impressed us with his technical knowledge and promptness. The day after we signed the listing agreement he called with a possible buyer. The fact that he is fully bi-lingual in Spanish was a big bonus. Particularly during the closing, we really felt that he fully understood the process and that he was protecting our interests at all times."

— Cathy T

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