La Quinta Lots

La Quinta & Cañadita de los Aguacates, Zona Centro
San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

Price Varies

This property is located a short 5-minute flat walk to both SMA’s main public park (Parque Juarez) and the Rosewood Hotel. It is also a 12-to-14-minute flat walk to the Parroquia. This property is one of the assets left by the trust created by Leonard and Riva Brooks and is controlled. The entire property contains 2,518 square meters. Of the subdivided lots, Lot #1 contains the studio that contains Leonard and Reva's art (this studio will become a museum for exhibiting and selling the art). This lot is not for sale at this time. Lot # 3 has the very large house that Leonard and Riva built and lived in. I have gone through this house to an architect that I know, and respect and his opinion is that this house could be remodeled and turned into a very desirable property. Lots #2, 4 and 5 are empty (no structures of any significance). All of the lots would have separate entrances onto public roads (La Quinta or Calle Cañadita de los Aguacates).

  • Lot I: 852.17 sq. m

  • Lot II: 337.03 sq. m

  • Lot III: 495.01 sq. m

  • Lot IV: 416.71 sq. m

  • Lot V: 417.37 sq. m


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Lot Size



416–495 m2



Jeff Kimmel

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