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Our Mission


For Buyers KIMMEL REALTY GROUP’s mission is to help take the risk out of buying real estate in Mexico. We pay from our commission up to $5,000 USD for superior legal representation for our clients. Starting from the time they make an initial offer through the closing of the sale; in doing so we provide important, better service without any additional cost to the Buyer. 

Why Sellers and Buyers should trust KIMMEL REALTY GROUP to deliver on its mission?

Reason #1: KIMMEL REALTY GROUP is directed by its broker, Jeff Kimmel. A professional who truly cares about our clients and has the experience and associations to see that our mission is achieved.

  • California attorney – member California bar since 1980

  • California real estate broker – 1987 to 1991

  • Licensed Mexican real estate broker in Guanajuato

    • Worked full time in real estate in SMA since 2017

  • Bilingual

  • Partner of in one of the best law firms in Mexico since 2017

    • Portilla, Ruy-Diaz & Aguilar

      • Recognized nationally as a leading firm in Mexico

      • Providing comprehensive legal services with particular expertise in real estate matters

      • Superior ethics (a particularly important fact for our clients)

      • Offices in Mexico City, Querétaro & Los Cabos

    • Web page:

  • San Miguel permanent resident since 2012

  • Significant involvement in SMA community

    • Founding board member and counsel to Preservación de San Miguel de Allende. Nonprofit with primary goal to preserve the historic center of San Miguel de Allende

    • Of counsel to Feed the Hungry, Inc. Nonprofit feeding impoverished school children daily

    • Board member of 100 Women Who Care organization in San Miguel that has raised more than 3 million pesos over 8+ years for SMA non-profit groups


Reason #2: In most real estate transactions in SMA, neither the Seller nor the Buyer are properly represented legally. By choosing KIMMEL REALTY GROUP as your broker can make sure that you are. 

  • Public Notaries in SMA (and nationally) do not represent either Buyer or Seller in real estate transactions. 

    • Public Notaries are special lawyers, with special additional legal education, that are appointed by the State government to represent the State to make sure that certain projects (like real estate transactions) are handled uniformly and are properly recorded with the State’s public registry.

  • Most real estate agents and brokers are not lawyers and, if they are lawyers, they are not acting as the Buyer or Sellers attorney in the transaction.


Reason #3: Jeff has witnessed many problems for both Sellers and Buyers that would not have happened had they been provided competent legal representation during the Buy/Sell process. By choosing KIMMEL REALTY GROUP as your broker, we can make sure that these kinds of things do not happen to you.  Just a few real-life examples:

  • Deeds are not properly drafted. Mistakes ranging from incorrect number of square meters of land and construction to incorrect ID numbers. These issues can cause costly problems years after the transaction.

  • Protections written into deeds (like height restrictions) are so poorly drafted that they cannot be enforced. You think your protected, but you are not.

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements (requiring deposits to be made) are so poorly drafted that the deposits can be frozen, and the transaction never is completed.

  • Buyers are not informed that in the state of Guanajuato their deed can contain a “testamentary will” provision specifying to whom the property is to go to upon their death.

  • The chain of title is not thoroughly examined to uncover potential title issues that have allowed false (or real) claims to the property title by third parties in the future.  Issues that have cost Buyers tens of thousands of dollars protecting their interests years after the transaction has closed.
    Note: these chain of title issues are completely separate from those that would be discovered by Certificates of No Liens that should be provided as part of a Notary Publics service in a transaction.

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