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Mortgages to Buy Real Estate in Mexico

KRG is proud to present mortgages to the San Miguel de Allende community


Inspired by the principle of transparent lending, the mortgage company offers cross-border financing solutions to U.S. citizens seeking to securely purchase or refinance residential property in Mexico. The credit scores of the borrower in the United States is the principal factor to the lender in making each loan decision.


  • Fully Amortized 

  • Up to 25-year term

  • Fixed interest rate

  • No balloon payment

  • No hidden fees

  • No currency exchange risk (US Dollar originated and serviced)

  • Mortgage interest reported in the US (potential tax deductibility)


From pre-qualification to closing, the mortgage company will handle your loan, start to finish. Their talented and capable team is available to assist you with any questions you may have along the way and pre-approval times are less than 72 hours.


The mortgage company is backed by billions of dollars in capital and is a regulated and audited financial institution in both Mexico and the United States.  


They have 200+ years of combined international lending experience on both sides of the border and always keep their client’s best interest at hand.


The mortgage company takes their commitment to client success seriously; after all, there are no compromises when it concerns quality, reliability, and reputation.

Contact Jeff Kimmel at KRG for details


To contact Jeff Kimmel:

  • Email him at

  • Call him at +52 (415) 151-1318 (Mexico)  OR +1 (415) 433-4330 (US)

  • Use the Contact Us form

  • Click on the Let's Chat button below

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