Colorful streets of San Miguel de Allende in historic city center, Mexico_edited.jpg

Choose San Miguel de Allende

For those that can work remotely or that are considering moving out of the USA for a myriad of reasons, San Miguel de Allende is a particularly good choice to relocate to. It offers twice the standard of living at one-third the cost.

Cost of living is approximately one third of what it costs to live in the USA or Canada.


  • Cost of food (particularly if you buy it from local vendors vs. large grocery store chains)

  • Cost of utilities (electricity, water, internet (fiber optic @100 megs), gas cost all together costs ~US$250/month. 

  • Cost of cell phone service (ATT international service US$250 for 2 years) or ~US$15 usd/month with a long-term plan

  • Cost of entertainment 

    • E.g. A movie ticket at a cineplex costs ~US$3, large popcorn and soda ~US$5 (enough for 2 people)

  • Cost of housing

    • Very good houses in good neighborhoods can be bought for between US$300,000 to US$1 million+

    • Property taxes for a US$1 million house cost ~US$1,000  per year.

Standard of living is by our unscientific estimate at least double what you experience in the USA or Canada.

  • Full time: housekeeper, cook, gardener, and/or nanny will cost you approximately US$100 per week each.

A very safe place to live.

  • It should not be difficult to comprehend that nearly any place in the USA in its current form is more dangerous to live in than San Miguel de Allende.

    • Are there parts of Mexico that are dangerous to live in?  Yes, but San Miguel is not one of them.

  • Spend a month here and you will understand that San Miguel de Allende is a very safe place to live.